The about page is all about creating a personal connection. Showing your ideal clients on a deeper level what your work is all about.

Tell them from where you come and share a little bit about your past. Who you are and what you love doing. Share from your heart where you are going and give your visions and desires space on this page.Building trust and showing up just as who you are. You are enough and it is okay to be where you are right now and start from here.

Collecting people into your list is number one priority for your website.Give value and make it worth it to join you on your list. Explain what they get and why they should subscribe to your list. Find something that really is in alignment with your offers and services to give them a little trial of how it feels like to work with you and show them your way of working.

Your story inspires your ideal client.


Knowing your story helps someone decide if working with you is the right thing and feels like a good choice and if they fit together with you. Your clients want to believe what you believe.

You only need to be one step ahead of the path. No need to be perfect, but having more experience and knowledge in a certain area is what they are looking for.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

Lao Tzu